Jelly Bean ROM for Malata T2 / HCL ME Tablet AP10-A1 3g, gps

In this guide I will try to explain how we can flash Jelly Bean 4.0.x using Nvflash method and later upgrade it to JellyBean ROM 4.1.2 version.

Though HCL ME Tablet AP10-A1 or Malata T2 is very good tablet, it comes with Andriod 2.2 version, unfortunately there is no official upgrade image available from Malata or HCL.

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Multi-axis Review System using Fivestar with Views atach & node reference URL widget Implementation for Drupal 7

I've struggled to make it work on drupal 7, finally its working now , so here is tutorial for creating Movie review site (assuming you want to show more than two voting axis) :

Required modules
• Fivestar (dependancies: Voting API) ;
• CCK ;
• References( for drupal 6 Node Reference);
• Node Reference URL Widget
• Views (dependancies: Chaos tools).
• Eva ( For Drupal 6 Views Attach)

Step 1: Create the rating axis

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Rebuilding / Restoring Mahindra Jeep MM 540 dp

Recently I started rebuilding my Mahindra MM 540DP Jeep so thought to document here..

From childhood I am interested in Jeeps, particularly in Army Jeeps, however that interest got suppressed as I grew up because of many reasons ..

However couple of years back again I got a bite with 'Jeep Bug' and this time I thought I will definitely buy one.

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Are we lost in technology ??

Currently we are living in virtual world where technology is in charge of changing our life so quickly in both positive and negative way !!

Though I like to be technical and I enjoy technology improvements in all fields , I also believe that too much dependent on technology also can lead emptiness in one's life.

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Arisinamakki View

Arisinamakki View

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The Boy !!

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Indain Bride

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who am I!!

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sun set

I think sunsets are most common photography objects which almost every photographer love to shoot and they always look unique and look special ..for taking sunset photos it is very important to choose the right location and right time rather worrying a lot about camera and lens.

We may require to travel same location several time to get one good shot.

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