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lalbagh flower show 2010

The Annual Flower Show at Lal Bagh is always a delight for flower enthusiasts. On 6 th August the grand flower show was opened at Lalbagh as part of the Independence Day celebrations. A replica of the India Gate monument with 250,000 roses is the star attraction at the annual Independence Day flower show.

Flower shows are held at the Lal Bagh every year in August and January, coinciding with both Independence and Republic Day. The Karnataka State Horticulture and Mysore Horticultural Society, which is jointly organising the ten-day flower show.

Bike racing / Motocross, Bangalore

Motocross is a form of motorcycle sport or all-terrain vehicle racing held on enclosed off road circuits. Motocross is derived from the French, and traces its origins to British scrambling competitions. The name "motocross" is a portmanteau derived from the words "Motorcycle" and "Cross Country". Internationally Motocross is an outdoor dirt bike competition using long courses over natural terrain with some manmade jumps. It is seen as a family sport with parents assisting their young children teaching them the basics. Motocross involves racing in what are called Motos.

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