Rebuilding / Restoring Mahindra Jeep MM 540 dp

Recently I started rebuilding my Mahindra MM 540DP Jeep so thought to document here..

From childhood I am interested in Jeeps, particularly in Army Jeeps, however that interest got suppressed as I grew up because of many reasons ..

However couple of years back again I got a bite with 'Jeep Bug' and this time I thought I will definitely buy one.

I started asking different ppl about the Jeep restoration and opinions about purchasing a old Army jeep etc, but most of my friends said "no" because they felt its not worth to buy a old jeep , and few said that finding a army Jeep is very difficult task and maintenance will be more for a jeep and it requires owner's attention always.
However very few friends said "yes" you can manage to get a old Jeep and its worth to restore and suggested to search near by Panjab etc.

Initially I was looking for auctioned Army Jeep's but soon realized that getting Army auctioned Jeep is almost impossible if we don't have time and patience..and it become almost impossible for me to spend time on search for army jeep because of my office work and other personal commitments.

so later I thought to buy a modified Jeep instead of getting Army Jeep so that I can avoid time/effort rebuilding ..however when I checked about the prices in local market, asking price was unbelievable and its almost unreachable for my budget :( so again I got disappointed and took some break..

In meanwhile I had a nice trip to Goa with my collage friends, one of my friend had 'Wangon-R' and we drove it from Hubli to Gao..journey was awesome & I drove it for around 150 KMs on ghat road with full of curves, so drive was thrilling and I really enjoyed the ride ...during that trip again i started thinking about my 'own' jeep.. started dreaming about taking it for these kind trips etc ..i was really excited when I thought about driving a jeep in hilly area because I know 'Jeep' drive will be awesome in hill areas :-)

Once I am back from Goa trip immediately I discussed with my dad about my idea..initially he almost laughed and said why you are looking for old Jeep and why you are getting these kind of stupid ideas :( however later he encouraged me to buy old Jeep , may be because inside he also like jeeps a lot ( my dad used to have jeep with Khargosh engine( guess he mean tractor engine) when he was young ( I think during 1975) )..actually his stories with jeep created lot of interest in jeep ...

Later I discussed with my brother and told him to look for old army jeep and let me know if he can find any..but nothing moved really ....days are passing & didn't get any update on Army jeep availability & many ppl said I can try near Mayapuri for old army Jeeps ..however on internet classified asking price was too much and i was really disappointed after seeing asking prices for 'rust buckets' stopped thinking about army jeep.
Meanwhile started looking for civilian model i.e MM540 and planned to rebuild my self if I can find a good mechanic ...

So started searching in internet seriously about jeep restoration process & read info on Jeeps restoration experience and cost & time required to rebuild a jeep .. got so much interest after seeing several pictures of modified 'jeeps' ..and soon I realized that 'jeep bug' is more deep inside me ...and I thought I can't go away from it until I buy & drove a jeep for some time.

After reading several stories online about Jeep restore project, I felt like restoration project will be possible if I can find good old Jeep and good mechanic, later I felt little relaxed and started thinking that 'jeep restoration' may not be 'impossible' if I properly plan and execute it correctly, so my day dreams continued ....

so my search started again, this time mostly I contacted local mechanics and inquired about the old MM 540s etc but most of them do not have any info on when they will get one, and they were just saying the "will let you know once we got " I know what that mean :-)
and few mechanics have couple of 'jeeps' and they are in their dying state with full of rust and quoting price was too much ..

Also started searching in online classifieds and found few old mm 540's in Bangalore itself but rates for old jeeps are almost at sky I started looking at different locations like Kerala, Tamilnadu & Hyderabad etc ..
Finally I found one 1995 civilian mm 540 in Hyderabad for reasonable price ..I asked my brother to call that guy and told bro to meet him in person and asked to take some pics and send it to me...
Mahindra MM 540 DP

Mahundra Jeep

in photos jeep was looking OK & maintained, and quoting price was also reasonable, so without thinking much or any further delay I met him and asked for one test drive...honestly in test drive I couldn't make out if it is mechanically in good condition or not..however it was looking maintained so with that only one test drive & negotiations immediately I paid advance and I became the proud owner of mm 540 jeep :-) ..... and first day while I was driving it ..I was like a kid who got his lost toy ..I really enjoyed the drive .. and immediately I fell in 'love' with it once again :-)

However since it is old jeep and was in stale condition for several days, it was not moving freely, and my father wanted to give it for immediate restoration so that we can take it home after restoration..however i didn't like that idea much...i wanted to drive it for some time and then give it for restoration.. for justification I had below points in my mind ..

1) I can drive it personally some more time and understand how it works and what its capabilities etc.
2) Actually I can learn 'Jeep' driving better with this old jeep because in learning process if i do any thing stupid also fine, and it doesn't cost me much because it has to undergo for restoration sooner or later.
3) Finally I can do some research and think about the design etc ..

with all these justifications I thought i better not to give it for immediate restoration now next plan is to drive it to my native which is around 160KM from Hyderabad and use it for some time and then later plan for restoration, since it was already late in the evening and my father was not really interested in night driving because we don't know exactly what is the condition of tires/engine etc, so we planned to start next morning ..honestly with excitement I was not able to sleep that night :) & got up in the morning around 4 and started driving it on Highway ...I must say I really enjoyed the jeep drive on NH7.
However since we do not know exact condition of jeep, we were little scared and anxious while driving ..and my dad said this would be its fist test and if it passes this test then we can say that it is worth, I was very confident on my jeep, so without any second thought, I said definitely it will pass. I don't know why i had that blind confidence on it or may be my love making me blind :P ....finally without any issue we reached home and of course it passed its first test !! in a single stretch we drove it around 160KM and never felt it like its a old jeep ( drive was not so smooth as a new car/SUV but it was not too bad either, jeep drive was lot smoother than imagined), moreover it gave mileage around 15KM/L ..that was a surprise to me and I was really happy because it's not only powerful but seems to be economy aswell :)

Then my dad continue to use this jeep for 3 months and I must say he really liked it so much, whenever I call him he was just telling about the Jeep stories, he used to tell always about its performance and uniqueness etc.

He stopped using car for his travel and was using only jeep for short distance.
My friends and my relatives started showing so much interest in jeep, many asked why u suddenly thought about buying old jeep and few said it is really good and its looking different to have a jeep in 'car' were loving jeep...they literally cry to get into jeep and their joy will be at sky level if we take them for one ride!!

During these three months we didn't change any thing major, one day just dad replaced accelerator wire for 40 Rupees and did engine oil top up because we felt little oil top up is required & nothing wrong in top up & drive it until we give it for full restore. Also we were noting down all issues related to its performance/handling, we made a note of the issues and few observations .

1) Jeep Back body was making so much noise because of one broken seat leg and because of few nut/bolts, it was easy to repair however we wanted to give it for complete denting work, so we didn;t plan to fix the rattling issue right away.

2) Braking , braking was really horrible, we hardly felt like it has any break, however we could able to stop it because of its sluggishness, jeep used to slow down automatically like a lazy bull whenever we take out feet from accelerator, however despite it doesn't have proper breaks I still tried to drive it around & tried to climb a rocky hill and was able to climb that small hill very easily with out facing any issues,its power was amazing.

3) Radiator was leaking a bit , may be it was due to our rough handling, however local mechanic said that radiator water assembly is gone bad and it may cost around 700/- .. we planned to manage it by making sure radiator is always filled with water and we ensured that we never drive it without checking water level( this is very imp otherwise Jeep engine will overheat and it may cause permanent damage to engine)
4) Back tires were almost end of their life, they never gave any trouble and took all the abuse for three months, however one of the back Tyre got puncture the exact day before we sent jeep to garage and tube costed me around (270/-), i knw new tube was not required, but since I have to travel 160Km back to hyderabad to leave my jeep at garage I changed the tube for that one time journey :(

Here is the pics of jeep from my native.

Mahindra Jeep restore
Mahindra Jeep MM 540 DP
Restoring Mahindra Mm540 DP
DP 540 Restore

Story continues ....

After three months of restore/modifications it transformed as ...

MM 540 Jeep price
MM 540 Jeep photos
Mahnindra Jeep MM 540 DP
Restoring MM 540 Jeep DP

Hope you liked it, am simply loving it :)

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Hi, Presently i have 97


Presently i have 97 wrangler with me, im looking for soft top & other accessories, can we get it in hyd.
I have got jeep in qatar & ordering through US is costly so looking to ship from Hyd as i'm planning to come for vacation.

Pls drop a mail so we can discuss further.

Thanks Bro.

hi, please let me know your

please let me know your mail id, yes you can get soft top and other accessories in hyd.

Hi Guys, Thanks for your kind

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your kind replies, your feedback is always welcome, however due to my personal assignments, I am not looking this blog frequently.
So there may be delay in response or I may not be able to respond ontime. Hope you do not mind. Thanks

BTW... My mail ID is

BTW... My mail ID is

Ur restoration s very nice

Ur restoration s very nice

Thanks and all the best for

Thanks and all the best for your project :)

My email Id-

My email Id-

I m very proud of u bro.most

I m very proud of u bro.most of jeep lovers felt same experience. But i still one the way

Thanks ....try hard, you will

Thanks ....try hard, you will have it soon :)

Hi, I a too in the process of

I a too in the process of restoring a mm 540. Mine is at workshop in chennai now. Can you please give the expense details and the parts you have replaced? Just for comparison please.

Hi Asokan, I am sorry, I

Hi Asokan,

I am sorry, I couldn't reply ontime. Hope you completed the project. All the best

I have bought a M540 1992

I have bought a M540 1992 model. It was modified by the previous owner. I am new owner of the Jeep for past 10 days. Like you said in the story, I want to drive it for some time and then restore/modify more. You suggestions on would be helpful and appreciated.


hi, replied ... thanks mazhar

hi, replied ...

hi... Congrats. Very few gets

Very few gets their love of life..u r among them.
I too have got one a year back too with the heater..the old one.
Have a Nice Time...


Thanks Nikhil & congrats to

Thanks Nikhil & congrats to you aswell :) have fun ...

Hi Mazhar, Could you email me

Hi Mazhar,

Could you email me the workshop where you got this done? I am based out of Bangalore and am looking to redo my jeep.

hi, please let me know your

hi, please let me know your email, however this was re-built at hyderabad, so it may not be much useful to you, but let me know still if you would like to know mechanic details.

Assalam alaikum bhai, I have

Assalam alaikum bhai,

I have mahindra 540 of 1992 model and i want to modify it so please suggest me. My mail id is

hi...replied to your mail ...

hi...replied to your mail ...

Hi friend I buy a mm540 jeep

Hi friend
I buy a mm540 jeep soon
so pls tell the cost of modification ur ghost,tink & paint works,mechanical works,extra fittting works..

HI Mazhar, I love what you

HI Mazhar,

I love what you have done with your Jeep.
Could you send me the details of the cost of restoration and the mechanics contact details on my email ??


thanks :) , sure I will send

thanks :) , sure I will send you details

Hi, That was indeed

Hi, That was indeed impressive. I am also planning to restore my MM540DP. Can you please share the details and cost of the whole process. My email id is-

Sure, thanks

Sure, thanks

Hi, Can you please share the


Can you please share the info about the cost of purchase and restoration.


sent you details

sent you details

My email Id is -

My email Id is -

Hello Mazhar, The Jeep looks

Hello Mazhar,

The Jeep looks Amazing!! I am planning to buy a used MM540 very soon and was always fond of them for years now....

Can you please share the cost details and the place you got your jeep modified...

My email id is :

I am from Hyderabad



Sure Akil...

Sure Akil...

I saw your love for the jeep

I saw your love for the jeep in your words. The restoration work you have done is amazing.After reading your blog the jeep bug has also bit me. Can you send me your cost details. Vehicle cost and the cost of restoration please.



Thanks sujit for liking

Thanks sujit for liking it...yeah i love my jeep so much :) our bond is growing stronger day by day :) ....yeah sure ...i will send u details ...but i warn you that this bug is dangerous and so be careful :)

Hello buddy. I am planning to

Hello buddy. I am planning to get a 540 (searching for a long time now). Can you tell me the details on cost of the restoration as well as mechanics around hyderabad where I can get my job done? my email id is

sent you details

sent you details

Bro actually I also want to

Bro actually I also want to buy a jeep for my personal use....if you can tell me how much you paid for that jeep and also for the restorations. Totally how much money you spend on it to make it so sexy... bro it will help me a lot.... my email I.d is ..

Sent you details..

Sent you details..

Can you share the mechanic's

Can you share the mechanic's name & address for me. Im based in hyderabd and have my MM540 to fix some issues to

HI Mazhar, Can you share the

HI Mazhar,

Can you share the details of where you got the restoration job done ?? can you provide me with details of a reliable work shop.

And your red beast is looking fabulous. Kudos to your effort on that.


sure, sent mail to u r email

sure, sent mail to u r email id

Hi dude can you send the cost

Hi dude can you send the cost of modifications . your jeep is awesome . i would like to convert my Thar also . pls can you send

Sure , pls let me know your

Sure , pls let me know your mail id, so that I can send the details to you

dude send the details to my

dude send the details to my mail man

sent you details ..

sent you details ..

excellent restore, please

excellent restore, please provide restore details aswell

Hi dude, can you please

Hi dude,

can you please provide the details of how much does it cost to rebuilt it completely,

I am also looking forward to rebuild my cL500 MDI jeep...

hi, sure I do that, please

hi, sure I do that, please let me know u r mail id , so that I can send more details...i did complete restore i,e engine work, body denting , paining, differential, break assembly, radiator assembly, soft top , seats etc.

Thanks for your response, My

Thanks for your response,

My email id is
My vehicle's engine condition is 100% perfect at the moment so i just need to reconstruct the whole body
awaiting your email,