Jelly Bean ROM for Malata T2 / HCL ME Tablet AP10-A1 3g, gps

In this guide I will try to explain how we can flash Jelly Bean 4.0.x using Nvflash method and later upgrade it to JellyBean ROM 4.1.2 version.

Though HCL ME Tablet AP10-A1 or Malata T2 is very good tablet, it comes with Andriod 2.2 version, unfortunately there is no official upgrade image available from Malata or HCL.

This tab equipped with Cortex A9 dual core processor and 1GB (DDR II RAM) Memory with 16GB internal memory along with 3G and GPS. It's capable of playing 1080 HD videos and can play many games, so from Hardware point of view its pretty much capable tablet, but unfortunately we do not have any latest official Andriod Rom available.

Malata T2( HCL ME ap10) also available as Viewsoning G tablet, but G tablet doesn't have 3g or GPS, moreover G-tablet has only 512MB RAM.
However good thing is we can install most of the G-tablet Custom ROM's on HCL ME Tablet AP10-A1 or Malata T2 , but disadvantage is we will loose 3g and GPS after those ROM's upgrade and tablet will be very slow because g-tablet's rom can utilize only 512 RAM.

After searching so much in net and trying different ROM's finally I could able to install Jeally Bean 4.0.X ROM on my tablet, this ROM was customized for Adam Notion Ink Tablet which has similar HW specs. ROM development and All other credits goes to Adam Notion Ink tablet developers, I just modified Few files in NVfalsh files and made it HW compatible so that we can install it on Malata T2 or HCL ME AP10-A1.

Before Proceeding further here is the Functional /Non Functional list after ROM upgrade.

Functional ( not all thoroughly tested)

Wifi Direct
Improved HD playback, now able to play most of the HD content, really good improvement compare to original 2.2 ROM.
EMMC mounts (as /emmc/ and /mnt/emmc/)
GPS (Thanks MrGuy) ----------------------------------------> This is working in Maps, but in navigation "Searching for GPS message is coming, satellite's are not getting locked.
Hardware Acceleration
MTP (You may need to install the drivers from Microsoft official site)
Physical Back Button
Power Button (Long press hard shutdown, Shorter Press (for shutdown menu))
SDCARD mounts (as /sdcard/ and /mnt/sdcard/)
Settings Data Stats (Thanks Borkata)
Settings Data Limit (Thanks Borkata)
Settings APN Settings - autoconfig (Thanks Borkata)
Settings Storage Stats
Sleep Works!
Light sensor
Capacitive Buttons
Video Acceleration (HQ Youtube etc)
Wifi/USB/Bluetooth Tether
Microphone (Thanks Borkata)
USB plugged in at boot
External camera support ( not tested)


USB plugged in at sleep resume
USB ports (flashdrive, gamepads, etc)
Tablet freeze if its used continuously for more 5-6 hours, I think its due to heat, need to do some more testing.

Overall its a good ROM to give a try.

You can download the Modified CM9-ADAM-BETA-AIO Package from link.

I assume you already familiar with recovery installation and updating the ROM using recovery method, if not please get familiarize with recovery/NVFlash installation method first. In this tutorial we will use both methods to upgrade Tablet ROM to JB 4.1.2 version.

For installing ICS/JB first we need to partition the internal storage.

please follow below instruction very carefully and am not responsible if something goes wrong with upgrade. I am assuming that you are familiar with ROM upgrade process, if not please do not proceed further.

Installation Instructions - PARTITIONS Creation/ Resizing

  1. Download above Modified CM9-ADAM-BETA-AIO Package.
  2. Reboot into recovery. (Access recovery by powering on while holding volume +)
  3. Optional: Nandroid backup your current rom.
  4. Wipe DATA and CACHE then power down.
  5. Reboot into APX mode (Access APX by powering on while holding volume -).
  6. Plug Tablet's USB cable into PC.
  7. On PC extract zip to desktop. Navigate to extracted directory.
  8. Optional (WINDOWS only): If you haven't installed APX drivers point device installer to the extracted directory /DRIVERS/
  9. WINDOWS: run the download.bat LINUX: rune the
  10. NVFLash process will start in Command Line, Let NVFLASH finish.After completion of the NVFlash Device should reboot into the beta.
  11. ENJOY!! , instillation is completed, however it may take 5-15 mins to complete initial booting, you can start using it right away

continue remaining tutorial if you wanted to upgrade it to 4.1.2

Instructions to flash CWM Recovery image.

1) Download recovery img file from here and place in nvflash_win_lin dir where you have nvflash
2) Reboot into APX mode (Access APX by powering on while holding volume - , in HCL ME tablet volume button got reversed after applying above NvFlash image, so you may need to press volume + key instead of - key ) while HCL Me is connected to PC
3) Execute in command line: nvflash --bl bootloader.bin --download 8 cwmrecovery6.0.1.5.img

Above command flashes CWM Recovery cwmrecovery6.0.1.5 version, now lets proceed with ROM update using recovery method.

Download required files from below links.

Wifi-only Model -> ( Not tested, since I have only 3g model)

3G Model -> ( Tested)

Now copy either one of files to tablet internal storage depending on your tablet model, my HCL ME tablet is 3g model, so I downloaded the file and copied it to tablet.

Now reboot the tablet into recovery, i.e press volume - key while booting up ( actually its volume + key to enter recovery, but as I mentioned earlier key's got reverted after flashing the CM9-ADAM-BETA-AIO image_.

You will see below menu in recovery.

Before proceeding further first we need to wipe user data/factory reset

This option wipes all user data on the device as well as cache. Doing this will leave your phone in the state it was in when you bought it or when any custom ROM was first installed. It will also wipe any sd-ext partition that you might have setup (more on this later). Selecting pretty much any operation in ClockworMod (including this one) will bring up a confirmation prompt that can save you from a lot of potential trouble in case you accidentally select the wrong operation.

now press wipe dalvik cache in Advanced menu

Allows you to wipe the cache for the Dalvik virtual machine (the custom-built Java virtual machine for Android). This is required before most ROM installations and at other occasions too, for fixing some problems.

Now choose below option from Menu.

install zip from sdcard
This option brings up the following sub-menu:

choose zip from sdcard
Lets you install any zip file from any location on your SD card/ Internal Storage. The file can be for a ROM, a kernel, an application, a theme or any mod as long as it is in recovery-flashable zip format. This is the most widely used option for installing a ROM that you have downloaded and copied to your SD card/ Internal Storage. Entering this option will bring up a screen that will allow you to browse your SD card for the zip file and select it for installation.

Now choose from the list.

If everything goes fine, You will see a message about upgrade completion, now you can reboot the tablet and start using it.

Find below screenshots from my tablet.

Home Page

Movies, Games & Youtube is Fun in big screen( 10.1" screen )

System Info & Andriod Market

Location in Maps

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